VELOLOGY is the collecting of, study of, buying & selling of, TAX DISCS.

Tax discs were in fact, colourful paper receipts for the payment of a vehicle licence fee. They were required by law, from 1921 until 2014 to be displayed prominently on the motor vehicle. Although, of course, even though tax discs have been abolished, the licence fee still has to be paid.

There is a similarity between 'philately' (postage stamp collecting) and velology.

The condition of an original tax disc helps determine its value.

Our company, trading as 'Collecticus', and 'Velology', is one of Britain's leading sales outlets of original tax discs. It also serves as a buying facility for those who want to sell whole or part collections.

There's also a big sales activity on Ebay, although some of the fixed price sales of individual discs do often appear to be somewhat high. There are other sites selling original discs, as well as auction houses and stalls at autojumbles.

Prices are based on condition and supply, so for example, expect to pay £1000 for a March 1921 in good condition and just £1 for a March 2001 in good condition or just 10p for a March 2001 in only fair condition.

Because tax discs were displayed on vehicles for the duration of their valid period of time, they were often subjected to extremes of temperature as well as a degree of dampness and often poor handling, so those that remain in existence today (the majority were of course disposed of in the bin) are in varying states of condition.

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