If you have any tax discs dated between 1921 and 2015 we may be interested in making you an offer to purchase them. As a very rough guide, take a look at discs we have for sale and expect to receive approximately 50% of the prices we are retailing discs at, although we are not listing all dates. If you send your discs (of any date) to us at the following address, we will send you an offer via post or by email if you send us your discs together with your email address. We do have to examine the actual discs and therefore cannot make offers on the strength of photographs. If you are not happy with the offer we are making you, simply let us know and we will return your discs.

Send your discs, along with your name and address (and email address if applicable), to:-

Dept V
PO Box 100
SN10 4TE

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