Tax discs became a legal requirement from 1st January 1921, and the first expiry date was the end of March that year.

Interest in collecting expired tax discs ("velology") has been gradually increasing over the years. When the Government stopped issuing tax discs, the interest in collecting them, reached dizzy heights.

Values of the older tax discs is now at an all time high, with some of the rarest issues fetching £1,000+.

The most collectable tax discs are those with their borders/margins (known as selvedge) remaining intact and in excellent condition. Early discs had no perforations and therefore selvedge had to be cut away. This was often done poorly, and will devalue a disc.

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Tax discs for sale
Tax Discs
Full sets of tax discs available
Full sets of tax discs from a single year are becoming increasingly hard to obtain.

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Fun And Profit From Collectables
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Trade And Collect
Trade And Collect Tax Discs Book
Even more information on this fascinating subject can be found in the book Trade And Collect Tax Discs, available for just £4.95.

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